2017: “Why Words Matter”


Welcome to the Blog site for this year’s National Day on Writing!

This year’s theme is “Why Words Matter.” Write below as to why you think words matter to you. You can most certainly tie what you write into this year’s One Book, The Girl In the Tangerine Scarf, or you can just explain how words make a difference in your world.



2016: “Home is the place…

…where our life stories begin.  It is where we are understood, embraced, and accepted.  It is a sanctuary of safety and security, a place to which we can always return.” – Steve Pemberton (author of A Chance in the World: An Orphan Boy, a Mysterious Past, and How He found a Place Called Home).

The mold of our life takes early form in our childhood.  It shifts and slips, slanting us this way and that.  But by early adulthood, our transition to the solid form of our identity quickens and settles.  We come into our own, that Self that will guide us for most of the rest of our lives.

Part of this includes finding the touchstone of our life, that place that nurtures, supports and protects us.  Sometimes it exists outside ourselves.  Sometimes it is within.  Sometimes it is what we make for ourselves because our childhood did not possess it.  And sometimes, it takes years beyond our childhood to find.  We call it…home.

Share your home with us, or your dream of it.